EASO Publications

EASO Asylum Report 2021

The EASO Asylum Report 2021 is a reference document, which aims at providing a comprehensive overview of asylum-related developments in the areas of legislation, policy and jurisprudence both at an EU level and at the level of national asylum systems. Read more here

EASO Professional Development Series

EASO is working towards creating professional development materials in support of the promotion of quality and harmonisation in the area of asylum law specifically tailored to the needs of members of courts and tribunals in Member States and Associated Countries.

These materials are being developed in conjunction with representatives of courts and tribunals from the Member States and Associated Countries with full respect of the independence of courts and tribunals. EASO also cooperates with judicial training institutions, judicial associations, the Commission, other EU Agencies, UNHCR and other relevant actors. In addition to the development of these materials, EASO also provides ad hoc support in response to requests received from courts and tribunals. Read more here

ECHR Publications

Guide on the case-law of the European Convention on Human Rights on Immigration, 30 April 2021